Murphy's Law says that if it can go wrong it will. And in every installation there'll be somethings that don't go quite according to plan.

Keeping track of the changes made during installation and testing used to be the designer's worst nightmare. It's that point where the boss thinks that the project is over, but in fact the client is still waiting for a set of as-built drawings. Checking and revising drawings was time-consuming and painstaking work.

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connectCAD has changed all that. Providing the installation team note their changes in the cable list, you can re-import this into connectCAD and using our software compare with the original drawing. connectCAD marks up the drawing showing the changes and highlights discrepancies in the cable list. It's then an easy task to go through, check and make the necessary revisions.

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In fact we make it even easier still. Our Reverse Engineering tools actually let you re-build a drawing from a list. So if you are confident that the list is reliable, with one command you can implement all the revisions directly.

Life has never been easier for systems designers.

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