Audiovisual System Design with Vectorworks and connectCAD

Installation International - September 2017

Tools for integrators: six ways to work smarter

With Vectorworks Spotlight and connectCAD, the company offers a purpose-built CAD package designed to consolidate the entire design process from start to finish for the audiovisual and systems integration professional. These are said to provide a fully integrated solution that enables integrators to design and document everything from equipment locations and room layouts to schematic diagrams, all while seamlessly co-ordinating with other designers, installers, contractors and crew. The result, the company says, is streamlined design and budget processes and enhanced collaboration. 

The software’s 2D functionality helps users to produce drawings and professional documentation, while a suite of drawing and editing tools are designed to make quick work of any type of project, helping integrators to define a signature look and meet industry standards. [...] 

Pentagon transitions analog to digital

Sound & Communications - March 2017

Pentagon Transitions Analog To Digital

Changes for teleconferencing. | When dealing with the government, many usual installation practices take a whole new perspective. Here is an example of an analog to digital upgrade of the video infrastructure in a top security area of the Pentagon.
By Zachary Manning from KLC networks.

"...Using Vectorworks fitted with the connectCAD plugin as our primary design tools, we proceeded to develop a system design, bill of materials and quote. In a project like this where goals and scope change as the project evolves, software flexibility plays an important role. Once the design process was complete, system drawings, riser drawings, pathway drawings, pull lists and a number of other documents were passed to the customer for review and approval. Vectorworks with connectCAD facilitated the entire design and installation process. The impact of a sound design increased the time and monetary savings exponentially as the project rolled out..."[...] 

house of worship Audiovisual design

InAVate APAC - December 2016

Faith in AV: Houses of worship in Asia | Modern Heritage

Blake Hainsworth & Michael Jones from Envision AV talk about how an audio system based on AVB and a broadcast-ready video system were deployed at one of Sydeny's oldest cathedrals.
"We used connectCAD to design the entire project. The software is simple and easy to use and the process is quite painless.”

While designing the new system was not a challenge, coming to grips with the legacy system was difficult. Jones explains: “One of the main issues we had was trying to reverse engineer the old system. There wasn’t a lot of documentation available. They had some from the original instalment and then some from when upgrades happened but a lot of the documentation had been lost. But I can say for the new system the documentation with connectCAD should ensure that this problem is not faced in the future. There was also the fact the infrastructure was copper and we had to change all of that for AVB.”[...] 

church design

Planet Vectorworks - September 2016

Streamline Your Audio Visual Workflow in 60 Minutes

Chuck Walthall, a thirty-year veteran of the AV industry, explains how 3D renderings help reveal budgetary and logistical difficulties while in the first stages of design, and he uses real world examples to demonstrate how tools like the connectCAD plug-in and Renderworks feature set can increase efficiency and help communicate complex ideas with clients and contractors. [...]



gallipolis exhibition

InAvate APAC - April 2016

Highlighting Humanity

Read how AV technology and inventive lighting were used to bring the human element of New Zealand’s role in World War I to the fore at an exhibition at the Museum of New Zealand.
An interview with lighting designer Marc Simpson, head of Toulouse Group.

"With the limitations imposed by time and the historical nature of the building, the design process for the technology to be deployed became even more crucial. The design tool of choice for Simpson was connectCAD. He states: 'In this instance we used connectCAD extensively. So every cable for the AV installation was detailed. There's about 27 5.1 channel amplifiers. We designed the system so all sources are streamed into the amplifier, then the amplifier breaks out the signal and sends it out to six speakers. Every single one of those cable links, amplifiers and speakers were all documented in connectCAD, right through to rack layouts, and labelling was taken from those drawings for the final installation' [...] 

connectCAD for Vectorworks schematic diagram

CAD - April 2016

connectCAD 2016

ConnectCAD, een ontwerpoplossing voor kabelsystemen in onder andere broadcast, audiovisueel, verlichting en IT, van concept tot implementatie, heeft de nieuwe connectCAD 2016 gepresenteerd.

ConnectCAD werd ontwikkeld door ontwerpers, voor ontwerpers. Deze Vectorworks add-on wordt intensief gebruikt door audiovisuele ontwerpers wereldwijd.  [...]


2D racks layout using connectCAD

Construction Computing magazine - March 2016

AV Schematics

connectCAD provides a quick and intuitive audio-visual schematic designer for Vectorworks users

A substantial part of Vectorworks Architect is the module for designing stage sets - Vectorworks Spotlight. Unique amongst architectural applications, it provides libraries of elements for designing and erecting stage sets for theatrical productions. Fitting alongside Spotlight is another application that provides the schematics for the audio-visual elements of stage design, and for any other project that involves complex electrical, lighting and audio equipment - such as sports events, museum exhibitions and other public events. This time, though, it comes as a Vectorworks plug-in - connectCAD - well known to all who are involved in setting up audio-visual events. [...]


connectCAD 3D racks clipped

CAD User magazine, UK - March 2016

connectCAD 2016

connectCAD provides a quick and intuitive audio-visual schematic designer for Vectorworks users.

The automated commands within connectCAD help users create schematic diagrams quickly and easily, and then link them to physical layouts in 2D/3D plans, complete with wire lists and bills of material. Signal flows and connection lines, along with other components, are marked in detail, providing a clear view of all electrical components for assembly technicians. [...]


richland creek church design

rAVe publications - March 2016

Getting AV into the project from Day #1 in new Church Facility.

Provision Audio Video Solutions has been working with Richland Creek Community Church for about 5 years. Company’s core AV designer Justin Linville describes: 

“There are many different elements here – like a massive speaker reinforcement system that covers this whole room, personal monitor mixing on stage for the bands and we get distributed audio through all those paths. We had do a lot of thinking and work-arounds, and navigate all options to make it all interact the way they want it to interact. To facilitate the design in this massive system we have here, we started working with the connectCAD plugin for Vectorworks, where I can take for example a 40 mic line input module and do a Multi-Connect and get all 40 of my connections in about 2 seconds, taking a lot of the guess work out. We’ve already got a labelling system call out where I throw the label onto each end of the cable that matches what’s on the schematic and so simplify and streamline communication.” [...]


connectCAD for Vectorworks screenshotDesign Express/Vectorworks Distributor Belgium & Netherlands - March 2016

connectCAD 2016

ConnectCAD - de populaire ontwerpoplossing voor kabelsystemen in o.a. broadcast, audiovisueel, verlichting en IT, van concept tot implementatie - presenteert de nieuwe connectCAD 2016 [...]




connectCAD resource browserResolve Software Solutions - March 2016

connectCAD 2016 now available!

Perfect for handling large numbers of cables in complex installations, connectCad links drawings that show interconnections and signal flow with your designs in Vectorworks, allowing you to easily see where equipment is located and inspect and modify using Vectorworks commands. [...]



connector preselection in connectCAD for VectorworksPLSN magazine - February 2016

connectCAD 2016

connectCAD’s automated commands help create schematic diagrams quickly & easily and then link them with physical layouts in 2D/3D plans, with all wire lists & bill of materials ready. Components like signal flows and connection lines can be marked in detail, so everything is clear for the technicians, avoiding delays & costly errors [...]


tool templates in connectCAD for VectorworksALIA - February 2016

System designer's CAD buddy from concept to implementation

Used extensively by audiovisual designers worldwide, connectCAD’s tools & commands speed up the design process from concept to implementation in various installation projects, from AV to electrical and IT. [...]



Interconnected systems & documentation quoteInAvate APAC - Nov/Dec 2015

Right Tools for the Job

The "Right Tools for the Job" available to Asian integrators when it comes to designing, installing, maintaining and selling AV projects... At the stage where you are preparing a bid for a project you need clean, clear concept drawings without this taking a huge amount of time. Just the sheer speed of connectCAD makes an enormous difference here. [...]

connectCAD 2015 for Vectorworks at PLSN magazine

PLSN magazine - October 2015

Using connectCAD 2015: AV Integrator Cramer Inc., Others Getting Boost from New Plug-in Software

The connectCAD software is a suite of plug-ins for Vectorworks that lets you rapidly create clear wiring schematics. Using a standard CAD package, coming up with this takes you a significant amount of time creating, checking and maintaining. With connectCAD, this time is cut in half and considerably reduces the chance of mistakes, saving users money and hours of work. On top of that, connectCAD lets users easily make clear concept drawings, detailed physical layouts and impressive 3D visualizations and reports with clear wiring lists, smart cable numbering and labeling and bill of materials— all with just a few clicks. [...]

Photo from Live Design Magazine

Live Design magazine - July 2015

What's Trending In Audio Paperwork

Four sound designers talk about what they are using in terms of paperwork... Nick Kourtides is also exploring an alternate schematics and rack-planning plug-in for Vectorworks called connectCAD. "This does away with the symbol library/subscription model entirely by making it very easy and fast to make block elements and show only the necessary input/output/control stubs," he notes. [...]

Lighting plot with Vectorworks Spotlight

Planet Vecorworks - 8 July 2015:

Inspiration: Entertainment Lighting for Enduring Names in Music

Max Conwell designs lighting for some of the most recognized names in music. But perhaps even more impressive than his list of clients, which includes Morrissey, No Doubt, and Incubus, is Conwell’s dedication to entertainment design technology. The tools in Vectorworks Spotlight software play an important role in Conwell’s workflow, as well, especially since his designs often have to be adapted for different stages in venues all around the world. “Since different countries often require a different set of lighting fixtures, I use Fixture Replace a lot in Spotlight to quickly swap one lamp for another and update patch information, so the local supplier and the touring operator have the same, correct information for each show,” Conwell says. He also takes advantage of the software’s interoperability with other programs like Lightwright and the connectCAD plug-in. [...]

Max Conwell Lighting DesignerCommercial Integrator Europe - 18 May 2015

Lighting Design, The Thrill of the Unexpected

In this interview with Max Conwell via Naked Eye Lighting Ltd,the established lighting designer talks about lighting design today, his own work and connectCAD.

“When the phone goes you never know what it will be – it could be a TV show, it could be a film, music tour, you never know. It’s constantly changing. It’s an interesting business to work in and I’m lucky that I like what I do”
“We use Vectorworks, which is a kind of an industry standard program for the set-design people as well, so they send set drawings over and I put it straight into connectCAD, ” he continues. [...] 


Connect Schematics to Layouts in MinutesPlanet Vectorworks - 13 February 2015

Connect Schematics to Layouts in Minutes with connectCAD 

Integrating audiovisual, IT, and other connected systems into your designs requires careful planning and management of various components, cables, and connectors. So when it comes to projects that involve complex installations, visualizing and adapting to changes in project specifications can be tricky and time consuming. That’s where connectCAD can help. With the new 2015 version of this plug-in, Vectorworks software users can easily and efficiently link schematic drawings with physical layout drawings, keeping all components labeled and listed in an integrated design package that adapts to real-world changes as your project progresses. [...]


Video schematic by Walthall & AssociatesPlanet Vectorworks - 30 April 2014

Walthall & Associates Makes Southside Baptist Church’s Music Clear and Visuals Sharp

Communicating design ideas in a manner clients can visually comprehend is central to Walthall & Associates’ success, and they rely on Vectorworks Spotlight software and its partner product add-on connectCAD to get the job done. connectCAD enables users to track and integrate broadcast, IT cabling, AVL, and other connected systems into their Vectorworks designs.

With each project, Walthall & Associates’ designers aim to present the system design and construction documents to the contractor in a manner that is so simple to comprehend that few, if any, requests for information are required. Vectorworks and connectCAD allow just that – the generation of full construction documents and system schematics that are simple, intuitive, and straightforward. [...]


schematic connectcadLighting & Sound America - 19 February 2014

New connectCAD 2014 Add-on for Vectorworks is Now Available

The new connectCAD 2014 add-on also enables a higher level of collaboration among teams during large projects. Now, team members can better track connections between subsystems by using the new link objects tool, which exposes the interface points to other team members so they can connect to them easily. "In this release, connectCAD breaks through boundaries and sets connectivity design free," says Preen. [...]


design racks with connectcadPLSN - 9 July 2013

Vectorworks Add-On Keeps Track of Cables and More

The Vectorworks Spotlight program became the standard because it provided the right tools for the job of the lighting and scenic designer in a form that was natural and intuitive, and that got the job done far better than hand-drafting. Over the years, many Spotlight users have created customized objects and plug-ins to solve specific needs of related entertainment design professions, which has resulted in integrating functionality for event planning, video projection and audio layout. [...]


system design workflowPLSN - 12 June 2013

Virtual Design: The Right Tools Make All the Difference

After entering the design information using a simple form-like interface, connectCAD generates schematics, details and elevations of the design by means of the Vectorworks program’s integrated database, which drives the whole process. This means that what once was an onerous task, the design now practically updates itself as you edit various components.[...]


system design workflowAVD Blog - 13 September 2011

AVD is now using ConnectCAD for all Schematic drawings

We decided to use ConnectCAD in our office for a few reasons:1. The only Audio-Visual drawing system to work on a Mac. (Saar's preferred OS), 2. A simple system that we can start using immediately without creating all the objects in advance, 3. Open and customizable system.[...]

schematic design2009Konstrukshon CPD Weblog - 21 July 2009

Architectural Technologist – Vectorworks & connectCAD (former Neatworkz)

I can honestly say this is truly wonderful to watch. As a Technologist we don’t get involved in TV centre setup, tending to leave it to others, we just make sure theres enought holes and cable ducts, but the concept is the important thing, its Vectorworks on pills, and big ones at that. As you will see from the movies, the vectorworks screen layout is there, but the tool set has been added to with a neatworks pallet, together with a new menu comand drop downs, adding components and linking them by cables, is just a breeze, but run a simple spread sheet, and it tells you the length of the cable the connection type, what feed is going down the cable, and a whole lot of stuff that’s way beyond me, but the main thing to consider here is that Conrad has used Vectorworks as the base, and if it can be done for something so complex as cable and distribution systems for a TV station, oh he dropped it in that it was used to set up the Olympic Beijing TV system, then what about something more akin to us, electric or pipe runs, or what !! I think this opens up a whole new concept to BIM. [...]

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FAQ first

We'd like to hear from you!

If you need any information about connectCAD and our company or you have a question, just fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.