Vectorworks® is the CAD engine that powers connectCAD.

Vectorworks and connectCAD

Vectorworks has all the facilities you need to design room layouts, lighting, HVAC, electrics and furniture. Using its seamless .dwg import / export features you can easily liase with other design disciplines e.g. architects and civil engineers. Vectorworks provides a real alternative to AutoCAD-based solutions at a much better price and is much easier to use.

With it's superior 2D and 3D capabilities, Vectorworks is an industry-strength CAD-system with the functionality that has allowed us to develop an advanced and highly flexible connectivity design solution. Vectorworks is easy to learn, runs on PC and Macintosh and has an installed base of over 400.000 seats in over 85 countries.The  integrated Renderworks rendering engine  provides superb photo-realistic 3D rendering that will amaze your customers. Vectorworks is available in various flavours for different disciplines, Fundamentals, Designer, Spotlight, Architect and Landmark.

Together with connectCAD advanced connectivity design it's the best and most cost-effective solution for any systems designer.

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  • 650,00 € each connectCAD 2017
  • 650,00 € each connectCAD 2016
  • 109,29 € each US Premium Support

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