connectCAD 2017 is now compatible with Vectorworks 2018 SP1

4th October 2017

connectcad2017 v30 for Vectorworks2018 2

connectCAD has just released version 3.0 of connectCAD 2017 now compatible for Vectorworks 2018 SP1 and above.

If you want to upgrade Vectorworks to 2018 just visit your order page and download + install connectCAD 3.0

If you don't have connectCAD 2017 you can now buy it for Vectorworks 2018 in full confidence

Our new version, connectCAD 2018, will be out early next year.

Stay tuned!

Online Device Sharing

August 2017

Online device sharing with connectCAD for Vectorworks

connectCAD kills carpal tunnel syndrome

connectCAD’s community device spec library is growing. Thanks to the input of designers from all over the world, our shared library now holds specs of more than 400 devices, ready to use with one click and getting away with the tedious task of doing data entry.

Our library includes some widely used brands like Black Magic, BMD, Christie, Cisco, Netgear, Panasonic, QSC and also smaller manufacturers.

Entering, retrieving and sharing device definitions is a matter of a few clicks. All you need to do is open the Device Builder, type-in the name of your device and, if its specs exist in connectCAD’s online library, you can select the make and the model and all available data are entered in your schematic.

When adding a device in your drawing, you may find some data is missing or is not accurate. In this case, you can fill in or correct what is needed and upload the revised specs online. If you cannot find what you are looking for, just enter the specs of your new device from scratch and contribute to the shared library can so that it can soon include all kinds of devices used for any type of audiovisual project around the world.

Using a conventional software, it normally takes an average of 20 mouse clicks to create and add a device into your drawing. So, with more than 400 devices ready to use, connectCAD’s online device spec library helps save up to 8000 clicks, making your design workflow faster and easier, saving hours of form-filling and avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome.

Read more on Online Device Sharing


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Meet us at Infocomm - Vectorworks booth #4226

June 2017

connectCAD at Infocomm17

Find out all you'd like to know about about connectCAD at Infocomm 2017, June 14-16 at Orlando Florida, Orange County Convention Center - at the Vectorworks booth #4226.

Special manufactures training session on Thursday, June 15 from 10:30am – 12pm
“Simplify Your Systems Integration Design and Documentation Workflow“
This presentation covers the workflow between Vectorworks and connectCAD.
It is hosted by Jim Woodward, Vectorworks Industry Specialist
and Chuck Walthall, connectCAD US Support Consultant, Audiovisual Consultant & Designer.
You may register here 

Also meet Chuck Walthall and get connectCAD's special Infocomm usb stick!

connectCAD usb stick

AV designer Justin Linville from Provision Audio Video Solutions describes how connectCAD facilitated the process of audiovisual integration in a new church facility.

May 2017

House of Worship AV design with connectCAD
Photo credit: Provision AudioVideo Solutions

“From the start of this project, we talked about digital audio networks and integrating all the spaces in a way that would make it really easy to configure whatever audio paths were needed going from one location to another. We used a variety of Dante-based interfaces to get audio in and out at various locations, and that really added a big big level of versatility to the whole project. There was a lot of the design that looked very very similar to network topology, so we had to plan certain switches, and we had to plan all the cable paths and the interconnections really meticulously, so there was a lot from the beginning that really added to the complexity of the design.”

“Because of the way this project evolved over time, we sort of evolved the system design with the industry offerings. We had a lot of options in terms of flexibility, and because of the various in and out points of the a/v network, we had to develop a very concise plan before heading into installation. This is where the connectCAD tool came in and really made a difference. For example, every time you change one component in a typical CAD system, you have to go in there and redraw all the connections, and you have to reconfigure all your routing paths etc. But, on the connectCAD system, with all of the tools that are available (and ever-growing), that becomes a real breeze. So, I can take a 40 mic/line input module and use the ‘multi-connect’ tool to get all 40 of my connections in about 2 seconds; whereas with the conventional CAD approach that would take an hour to redraw all 40 of these connections and get them properly labeled and assigned.”
Read the full story in our blog

Meet us at NAB show 2017 - booth #SL6324

April 2017

If you are visiting the NAB show 2017, 22-27 April in Las Vegas, you are invited to stop by the MAXON -Vectorworks/connectCAD booth #SL6324. Explore streamlined Audio Visual design workflow from room layouts to schematic designs.

From room layouts to schematic designs, explore streamlined Audio Visual design workflow

If you are visiting the NAB show 2017, 22-27 April in Las Vegas, you are invited to stop by the MAXON - Vectorworks booth #SL6324.

Meet up with the Spotlight staff, who will demonstrate how to work smarter and more efficiently and best practices for audio visual system design & documentation, from layouts, to 2D/ 3D presentations, schematics and even bill of materials.

If you are not currently using Spotlight + connectCAD and for more personalized solutions, you can also book a demo presentation during the dates of the show.  

See you at the NAB!

connectCAD 2017 version 2: Save hours of data entry with connectCAD’s online Device Sharing

March 2017

connectCAD 2017 version 2 is released, taking audio visual design to the next level.

Conrad Preen, AV designer & connectCAD’s developer, comments: “Nobody likes filling in forms, particularly a humungous one like Device Builder with all its mind-boggling details. As designers, we can’t get away from spec sheets & data entry, but at least we can share the work between us.


Upgraded Device Builder

In connectCAD 2017, as you create devices in Device Builder, all specs get uploaded to connectCAD’s shared library and are then available to other designers who’ll want to use the same device at any later time. Already there are more than 200 regularly-used devices in the database and more are being added every day by connectCAD’ers from all over the planet.

This way, when creating a new device for your project, you can just browse the community database from within the Device Builder tool, write a name for your device, select the make, select the model and immediately all the details are loaded, so the device is ready in your schematic in just 20 seconds!
If your device cannot be found, or if some specs are missing, you can fill out all details, click Upload and contribute to the Shared Device Library. So, if all designers contribute to this library, soon data entry will be a thing of the past.

To make things even easier, connectCAD offers an automatically updated list of all device definitions uploaded to the shared library. Instead of searching in each manufacturer’s website, you can now browse through a multitude of devices all gathered together in our support site Device List .

Device Sharing is a community service hosted on, a revolutionary way to make system design process faster than ever before. As you work, life keeps on getting easier.

New Connect Tool in connectCAD for Vectorworks

New Connect Tool

In connectCAD 2017 version 2 we’ve introduced our new Connect tool which follows all standard Vectorworks user-interface conventions – a faster, smoother, more intuitive alternative to our current tool, a small taste of connectCAD 2018.

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